How to install uMod (Oxide) plugin on RUST server (2023)

How to install uMod (Oxide) plugin on RUST server

This guide will walk you through the manual process of installing uMod plugins on a RUST server. formerly known as oxides,Frames in Modsis a popular modding platform that allows RUST server owners to install and manage custom RUST server plugins.

By the end of this tutorial, it will cover the basics needed to install the uMod plugin on a self-hosted Windows-based RUST server. If you are attempting to install the uMod addon through a third-party game server provider or a Linux-based server, the installation process may be different.

There are many reasons for setting up a modified RUST server. Server owners will use addons to provide players with a unique and customized experience. Add-ons, also known as mods (short for mod), are small pieces of code that enable additional functionality not present in the base game. The RUST server plugin can also be used to add additional tools for server owners and administrators.

Installing uMod on a RUST server opens up many possibilities

  • Choose from hundreds of free and paid plugins
  • Provide kits with equipment and resources
  • Create private or whitelisted servers
  • Enable different game modes (PVP, PVE, build only, etc.)
  • Change resource collection rate
  • Changed the loot table on the map
  • Trigger custom server events
  • Add management and review tools
  • and more...

Prerequisites for installing uMod plugins

  1. Admin accessDedicated RUST server
  2. Installedand updated uMod on the server
  3. Download the uMod plugin to install

With these three things in place, you're ready to install uMod plugins on your RUST server!

Follow the 3 steps below to install the uMod plugin

  1. Find and access the server plugin folder
  2. Copy the plugin files to the server plugin folder
  3. Modify and reload the configuration file

Step 1: Locate and access the server plugin folder

This step requires local or FTP access to the RUST server. Below, choose the option that's best for you.

local access server

With local access to the server, simply find where the RUST server is installed and navigate to/Accessories/map.


How to install uMod (Oxide) plugin on RUST server (1)

Example screen for finding the default Oxide plugin folder

FTP access server

Otherwise, accessing the server via FTP will require an FTP client to connect to the server. This also requires FTP credentials for the game server. manygame server hostProvide the FTP server credentials after setting up the account and/or in the server's control panel.

Game server providers sometimes modify game install directories so that they can run multiple game servers on a single computer instead of just one. This allows game providers to avoid directory conflicts and other similar issues. pay attention toThe modified folder structure is as follows:


supplementary notes

Some things to keep in mind when accessing the server/Accessories/map.

  • No need to stop the server to install new uMod plugins, since uMod is actively "listening"/Accessories/folder to make changes.
  • this/Accessories/This folder will not appear until uMod is installed and the RUST server starts successfully.

Step 2: Copy the plugin files to the server plugin folder

after the server/Accessories/folder is available, the uMod plugin files must be moved into it by direct copy or upload. Once the files are fully uploaded to the folder, uMod will automatically load them.

Watch the RUST server console for a success message. In our example, we use the "BlueprintManager" plugin, which looks like this:

BlueprintManager compiled successfully in 1799ms [Blueprint Manager] Generating new configuration file...[Blueprint Manager] Added configuration field: Settings/Default Blueprint Loaded by Jacob Blueprint Manager v1.0.4 plugin

The output provides the following information about uMod plugin installation:

  • Was the installation successful?
  • additional name
  • Assembly time
  • additional version
  • Authors and designated associations
  • Confirm the generated configuration file (if configured)
  • Changes and fields added to the configuration file (if the configuration exists)

supplementary notes

Some things to keep in mind when copying plugin files to the server/Accessories/map.

  • uMod plugin files must not be renamed, and the file extension must remain as it was when downloaded.
  • When downloading a plugin, make sure its filename is not modified by the infamous "(1)", as a file with the same name exists in the downloaded directory.

Step 3: Modify and reload the configuration file

When the uMod plug-in is successfully installed, a configuration file will be automatically generated and inserted into the/oxide/config/map. The config file will be.jsonfile, it will take the plugin name. However,Not all uMod plugins have configuration files.Many uMod plugins are very focused and discrete in the functionality they provide.

Plugin configuration files are hot reloadable, meaning changes can be made to the file while the server is running. To reload plugin configuration, you need to do three things:

  1. Add valid JSON syntax
  2. Add scrolling plugin parameter
  3. Run the oxide reload command

valid JSON syntax

To find out if a file has valid JSON syntax, you can use any modern text editor (such as Atom, Visual Code, Sublime Text) or use a JSON web service to verify. there are someJSONLint.comorJSON format. These tools can help you warn about invalid formatting in JSON files before you try to save them to your server.

valid plugin parameters

Each installed plugin will have a dedicated page on the website. Search for the plugin name with the RUST game filter applied to find the latest documentation. Once you find the correct plugin documentation page, check your configuration parameters against what it supports.

Oxide Heavy Duty Naredba

After saving the updated configuration changes to the configuration file, you will need to run the Oxide reload console command on the RUST server. Replace "BlueprintManager" with the name of your specific plugin.

Oxide.Reload BlueprintManager

After the command runs successfully, the RUST console will unload and reload the specified plugins. Using the example above, it would look like this:

Uninstall plugin Blueprint Manager v1.0.4 by Jacob Load plugin Blueprint Manager v1.0.4 by Jacob

whenoksid.reloadcommand run on a config file with syntax errors, it will print something like this:

Uninstalled plugin Blueprint Manager v1.0.4 by JacobBlueprintManager v1.0.4: Failed to load configuration file (Is the configuration file corrupted?) (Unexpected character encountered after parsing value: :.Path 'Settings['Default blueprints']', line 4, position 2.)[Blueprint Manager] Added field to config: settings/default blueprintBlueprint Manager v1.0.4 Jacob plugin loaded

As shown above, the returned error shows the message string and the position of the first invalid character.

supplementary notes

There are a few things to keep in mind when updating a plugin's configuration file.

  • Be aware that when you reload an addon on a live server, it may ruin your gaming experience, so think twice.
  • If a plugin is supposed to generate configuration files but doesn't, the plugin is most likely outdated and/or broken.
  • If there are no obvious console errors to resolve, look at/oxide/logs/Folder for related error logs.


Now that uMod plugins have been successfully installed on the RUST server, the next step for many plugins is to set player and group permissions. While uMod provides its own default permissions, many plugins also have custom permissions available once installed on the server. For some plugins, permissions only allow functionality to be transferred to players and groups that have been granted the permission.

Be sure to check out ourRUST uMod (Oxide) Permissions GuideNext steps to help you get started setting up configuration and permissions for plugins.


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